With the rise of social media and the rapid rate in which the beauty industry is growing, it takes a lot to excite the makeup artist in me. Makeup and the “trends” that follow can be very repetitive. Everyone is doing the same look with different colors and it loses its sense of individuality and artistry. Then every once in a very rare while you stumble upon a unicorn and your mind explodes with creative stimulation.

Just over a year ago, I walked into a Sephora and i remember seeing this vibrant young woman, with her impeccable makeup and wild hair.  Her name is Ashley Regnier.

I started a #Dialogue with Ashley to find out how she creates her extravagant makeup looks. 

M. First makeup item you ever owned? 

A. My first makeup product was a double ended brush from Lancôme that my mom bought me for Christmas one year. It had a flat eye shadow brush on one end and an angled liner brush on the other. That was the first real brush I ever owned (up until that point I was using actual paint brushes) all of my early makeup looks were created using that single brush. I still have it in my kit but I don’t really use it too much anymore, it’s more for just sentimental value.

M. How long have you been a makeup artist? 

A. Way back in the day when I was 14-15 I started playing a lot with makeup. I was a lot heavier in high school and makeup was my only way to feel pretty. On weekends I would create these elaborate looks and special effects work. I got a lot of praise for them, and for a kid that never really got a lot of compliments it was a huge deal. I felt like I actually had a talent and I was good at something. In grade 12, I was the makeup artist for our school’s drama team. I won the award for the makeup designs I created for our performance in the district. That’s when I started to realize I wanted to do this for a living. That makeup made me so happy and alive. I finally felt like I had a place in this world.

M.Tell me 5 products that are makeup must-haves for yourself personally or in your kit?

  • Too Faced Glitter Glue Primer – the best primer for any eye shadow whether it’s matte or glittery. And it can turn a $2 eye shadow into a $30 eye shadow. It’s magical.
  • Kryolan Primary Aqua Color Palette – this is probably my favorite makeup item ever. I can do virtually every style of makeup with these and it just needs water to activate it.
  • Duo Lash Adhesive – literally you can us this for anything. I’ve used it to glue everything to my face. I’ve also used it for easy special effects makeup.
  • Laura Mercier Brow Definer Pomade “Warm” – The most perfect pomade I’ve ever used in the brows. It creates the perfect amount of shadow under the brow but so much definition no matter how much you use. The color  also works with most hair colors.
  • Glitter – Do I really need to say more? Life’s too short not to wear glitter.


M. Where does the reality end and fantasy begin for you? 

A. I feel like they coexist in my world; actually I feel all artists think that way. Ever since I was a small kid, I never wanted to grow up, I wanted to color and be a kid forever. Even though I’ve now grown up, I still don’t see the need to fully act like an adult. I still find time to color, play on jungle gyms and still live in that world I created as a kid. When you lose your childhood innocence, you lose your imagination. Everything around me can inspire, nothing is truly fantasy.  If you can think it, it’s possible.

M. Has social media changed the way you view yourself and your art?

A. It seems like everyone and their sister is a makeup artist, so on a business perspective it can be a bit discouraging at times. Clients don’t want to pay a lot because they know someone who can do it cheaper, not necessarily better than me.  On a creative perspective, it has connected me with some extremely talented artists from all over the world. It’s like an endless supply of inspiration, beauty and nightmares. I feel like it encourages me to become that better artist, to try new techniques and product combinations that I normally wouldn’t.

The way Ashley creates makeup looks without limits just ignites a creative flame within me. She is such a hidden gem on Instagram that everyone needs to follow @miss_obscure. 

– Article written by Myles Sexton