TOM* FW – FW16 – Day One

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) kicked off this week. The Fall/Winter collections have to be my favorite season to see hit the runway. Although I might be desperate for it to be spring again, seeing layering come down the catwalk warms me up.   I may even get a slight tan from all the bright lights- I am so pale. 444 Yonge Street is the place to be this week and  scroll down to find out why! 

Designer Hendrixrow received a well-deserved standing ovation. Hendrixrow was my personal favorite collection of the evening. From modernizing Victorian silhouettes and redesigning a classic trench, I just adored everything about the collection.

Designer Hip and Bone

Designer L’Momo


Designer Dalla

Designer Zane Barlas

Designer Nabeel


Article by Myles Sexton

Huge thank you to our TOM* Runway Photographer Shayne Gray (Website) –  Courtesy of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week