Every morning when I wake up, I immediately sign on to Facebook or Instagram in hopes that @ChanelEverlast aka Sasha Mercedes Simler has posted a new #MOTD. I met this incredibly talented makeup artist two years ago and ever since that very moment we became friends. Sasha has honestly inspired me each and every day with her fearless creative expression.  The first thing I hear when I walk into a room is Sasha’s unforgettable laugh and when I finally find her,  I am mesmerized by the intricate details she has designed on her face! If you really want to be blown away, visit any Sephora in the GTA during the week of Halloween and your mind might explode because this girl has her looks on lock!

I started a #Dialogue with Sasha to find out how gets inspired to create her  very individual makeup looks. 

M.How has living in Toronto impacted the was you express yourself through makeup?


S.Toronto has allowed me to be 100% authentic. There are so many different styles in this city and just about anything goes,.so I never have to hold back. I feel completely comfortable being as weird and quirky with my makeup as i want. If anything people in Toronto LOVE it, so i just keep on giving them more!


M.How did you begin your career in makeup & what inspired you to do so?


S.Well, I was given a path by my parents to take which was after high school you go to university for business, so i did just that but I didn’t love it. That path didn’t feel right to me. I was always into makeup but just didn’t think i could make a career out of it. In 2004, my dad was offered an opportunity for work in Australia.  He had always wanted to go after travelling back forth for work throughout my entire childhood. We were pals so he asked my permission and I told him to follow his heart and if that’s where it led him then he should go. The following year he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away 10 months later but just before he passed he said to me, “Thank you Sash, thank you for telling me to follow my dreams. Even though it was short lived, I am so glad I can say I did it.” Two days later, he died. From that moment forward, I told myself that I only ever wanted to things that made me happy. I knew being a makeup artist meant that I needed to go to the big city and leave my family behind. My mom told me she would always be my biggest supporter and to go for my dreams in makeup. I then dropped out of university and enrolled at Complexions International makeup school and never looked back.


M.First cosmetic product you ever purchased ? 


S.The first cosmetic product I ever purchased was the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara.


M.How was social media changed the way you view yourself & your art?


S.Social media has changed the makeup world tremendously. I have used it as my outlet to showcase my work and to inspire others. I love to celebrate my relationships with friends and family all the time and social media allows me to do that. I love posting looks of the day and seeing how many people i can influence to just be themselves.


M.You love Halloween, how do you choose your looks from season to season?


S. I always start brain storming in June/July. Most of the time if there are movies that were huge hits that year, I will recreate those characters.  Most of the time, I love having my peers be a part of the fun. I love to utilize social media and ask what people want to see and what their favorite characters are. Most people know that I love a challenge and I think my family, friends and followers love being the one who choose my look that day.


M.5 products you can’t live without?


S.1.Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil, 2.Shu Uemura Skin Perfector BB, 3. Benefit Hoola Bronzer, 4. MAC Myth Lipstick 5Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara


M.where does your reality begin and fantasy begin ?


S.What I do to showcase my creativity online is exactly how I am in reality. There is nothing I would do online that I wouldn’t do in reality. The world is my stage and i would never go on stage without my costume, hair and makeup!!!


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Article by Myles Sexton