Who are the designers behind all the beautiful fabrics we see on the runway and why are they never in the media’s spotlight? We would like to direct your attention to the East Coast of Canada where surface designer Dee Wilkie captivates us with her vivid fabrics! Based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Dee Wilkie’s fabrics are a hidden gem much like the East Coast itself.

What is a surface designer vs a fashion designer, you might wonder?  Surface design is not limited to the coloring, patterning, and structuring of fiber and fabric. Other parts of being a surface designer include dyeing, painting, printing, stitching, embellishing, quilting, weaving, knitting, and felting. Most fashion designers would not have the physical fabrics without the art of Surface Designers. Designers take the surface designer’s fabrics and create their own interpretation from their work, or else work collaboratively.

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Images by Photographer Brent McCombs 

Dresses designed by Adrienne Goodine,Kayleigh Saad & Michelle Duncan

Hair by Tanya Ozolins

Makeup by Elizabeth Ernst & Julie Purchase

Models: Katie MacDonald, Ashley Shaw, Athenais Testi, Stephanie McEwan, Libby Clement, and Kristina Comuzzi.

Assistant Sara Calhoun

Article by Myles Sexton