Over the years that I have lived in Toronto i have watched many of my favorite boutiques close on Queen West due to the increasing rent. Now  ” Vogue nominated second coolest place in the world,” is being diluted by commercial giants and pushing the Made in Canada boutiques closer and closer to high park. Every once in a while a new boutique is born, among the ever changing street. Lets just say this new boutique makes me fall in love, and my credit card greedy.

Love and Greed is  located at 1205 Queen Street West or just a light skip West of Queen and Duffern. This new menswear boutique caters its designs to you. L&G carries  many Made in Canada labels, Eco Friendly lines  and incredible hat selection.   When you go into the store you will meet the very charming owner Sunny Singh Bansal. From street wear designs to a custom made suit,  Sunny will make sure the fit is right for you.

I was joined by Julio Reyes @Fashionights our fashion contributor at #NordMagazine to collaborate with Love and Greed on styling a few looks. Julio and Sunny styled some fresh spring looks mixing all the designers collection he carries.

I think I can speak for all of when I say it’s so important to support local businesses. I highly suggest you stop by next time you are on your way to the Rhino for a beer or Glory Hole for  Donuts.

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Article by Myles Sexton