Unisex, Gender neutral clothing for the refined rebel is how designer Kim Munson would best describe her clothing line, Orphanage. Based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kim Munson is a highlight of the Atlantic Canada fashion scene. I believe that Kim’s unique take on gender neutral silhouettes is the future of fashion. I hope that one day more designers take a cue from Kim that fashion has no gender. Orphanage recently showcased their collection at Atlantic Fashion Week in Nova Scotia.  I watched from social media as the beautiful collection took over my news feed.

The Vanishing collection is created around the idea of details seeming to vanish back into the garments through drafting techniques as well the concept of breaking down barriers of gender based garments.

I will never forget how 7 years ago Kim booked me for my first modeling Campaign shoot, it has been an honor and pleasure watching her bloom over the years. I have always been deeply grateful for the opportunity Kim gave me so many years ago. It was very exciting to work with her again 7 years later modeling for Orphanage’s newest campaign photographed by Brent McCombs 


Check out the Orphanage collection on their website and follow her journey @OrphanageClothing

Article by Myles Sexton

Models: Valeska Meyer, Brandi Gray & Myles Sexton

Hair: Tanya Ozolins

Makeup: Elle Munster