The Fall Winter seasons during fashion weeks are always my favorite. Layers, bold jackets, and lots of leather can this fashion boy really ask for more? Tom* really is a special three day event that happens here in Toronto, Canada. Together we get to celebrate menswear but also #MADE IN CANADA designs. This season, Tom* has taken over Waterworks at 505 Richmond street west, and our minds where dazzled. I felt like i was back at New York  FW as the venue has lots of warehouse vibes. The contrast between industrial and luxe really create the perfect tone for the menswear being showcased this week. Here is our #FrontRow look at day one of Tom*

Designer: Helmer 

Designer: Curtis Oland 


Designer: Hip & Bone 

Designer: Kollar 


Article by Myles Sexton

Photographed provided by Tom* FW by photographer Che Rosales